Believing that Lebanon is more than a country, it is a message of Freedom and an example of pluralism for both the East and the West, considering that the Emigration of the Lebanese Christian population in general and the Maronites in particular from Lebanon - the last bastion and stronghold of Christianity in the middle East - the land of Christ - has disturbed the delicate balance among Lebanon's communities, a balance essential to the country's existence and indispensable for its civil peace, and due to the vital character of this matter and the urgency to face this challenge:
Mission Statement
"The Maronite Foundation mission is to put the matter of the maronites in the world as its top strategic priority and help them preserve regain their Lebanese identity and citizenship with the aim of facilitating their return to their roots should they choose to benefit from the legal rights and privileges that the Lebanese nationality confers to them in Lebanon"
Objectives of the Maronite foundation
- To help Lebanese in the world regain their lebanese citizenship.
- To promote the sentiments of the maronite affiliation and the Lebanese identity among maronites in the world.
- To awaken maronites to their heritage and consolidate their links with their Lebanese and maronite roots.
- To lobby the Lebanese government and the legislative body in taking the necessary action to advance laws related to helping the Lebanese descendents regain their Lebanese citizenship.
- To help maronites in the world process their "vital events" such as marriages, bir th etc.., in order to obtain their Lebanese citizenship and register them in the official Lebanese civil registry
- To sensitize maronites in the world to their political, cultural, economical and social participation in the Lebanese public life.
- To secure intercommunication between the Maronite mother church in Lebanon and its children worldwide.
The foundation statute
Article 1:
The Maronite Patriarchate of Bkerké has established a special institution to handle the affairs of the Maronites... Read More
Article 2:
The name of the institution is “The Maronite Foundation in the World”, referred to henceforward and in the bylaws... Read More
Article 3:
The head office of “The Foundation” is Bkerké, and it could be moved to any other location in Lebanon or abroad... Read More
Article 4:
The Foundation has to provide the financial resources, and fund all activities related to the Maronite world wide... Read More
Article 5:
The Foundation is supervised and directed by a Board of Trustees whose number is assigned by his Beatitude... Read More
Article 6:
The Board of Trustees serves for a term of three years renewable by a decision made by his Beatitude. His Beatitude... Read More
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Maronite Academy
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A Brazilian Delegation received by the Maronite Foundation (PALS)
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Since its foundation to date, nearly sixty members have been affiliated to the "Worldwide... Read More
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A Board of Trustees, presided by former Minister Michel Edde, supervises and manages... Read More
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